R.I.P. Stuart Scott. Watch his epic speech at the Espy awards. It’s a must see for Everyone (Video)


When you think of Stuart Scott you think of nothing but class.  That was a guy who carried himself with real, genuine class.  Point blank Period.  Like I mentioned on our Facebook page, I’m not going to try and do some type of bio or write-up on Scott as he worked for ESPN and they did a phenomenal job.  A job that can’t be touched.  What I did want to do is share his speech from the 2014 ESPY’s.  Typically I find the ESPY’s as an excuse for a bunch of athletes to dress up, drive their best cars, leave their side pieces at home and party with their wives.  However in recent years it’s created a few special moments and this was one of them.  Scott was presented the Jimmy V award and left the crowd with an amazing message.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

Motivational, inspiring, caring, and real.  If you heard this before, it hits 100 times harder today.  If you haven’t, grab a tissue, listen to the realness and get motivated.

RIP Stuart Scott.