The Search For Country Singer Craig Strickland Continues, Friends And Family Remain Hopeful


On Tuesday, we reported the heartbreaking story involving country singer Craig Strickland, lead vocalist for the band Backroad Anthem. He and his friend Chase Morland went duck hunting this past weekend during the deadly Winter Storm Goliath in Oklahoma.

On Monday, authorities started a search after the two failed to return home Sunday. Sadly, it didn’t take the search team long to discover the boat that was being used by the two men had capsized. Hours later, they found Morland’s body.


The search for Strickland continues. This will be the fourth day of searching, and while no news might technically be good news in a situation like this, we all know the chances of finding someone alive drop significantly with each passing day.

But Strickland’s friends and family are not giving up. Miracles do happen and they believe Strickland will be found alive. That’s certainly what we hope and believe as well. From the reports we have been hearing, it sounds like Strickland is a great guy.

His band posted this message to their Facebook page on Wednesday…

For those of you who don’t know Craig he is the most passionate person that we know! He is on fire for God, his Wife, his family, his life, and this band. We want Yall our fans, friends, and loved ones to know Craig is an amazing person, husband, son, bandmate, and most certainly best friend.

You can read the full message by clicking that link up there. We will try to end this post with some good news. Craig’s wife reported on her Twitter account earlier this week that her husband’s dog, Sam, was found alive. Let’s hope we can report the same for Craig soon.

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