Is Ricky Martin Dead? Did He Upload Photos Directly From Heaven? Get The Details Inside

We have all danced shamelessly to Ricky Martin’s number-one hit song Livin’ la Vida Loca. You can’t listen to that song and not dance. It’s impossible. Unless you are dead, which might be the case for the 43-year-old singer.

You may have heard the death reports surrounding Martin. There was a YouTube video going around showing images from a car wreck, and the video explained that Ricky Martin died in the accident. The video claimed the report came from a sheriff’s department north of San Francisco, but that the accident happened on a freeway in Los Angeles. That alone should have been enough to discredit the video, but some people needed more proof.

And Ricky Martin decided to give them that proof. He posted the photos you see down below to his Instagram account yesterday. He also showed off his sense of humor by captioning the photos with, “Hello from #heaven” and “#Sunset in #heaven“.



It’s official, folks. Heaven has Wi-Fi! This means your dead Grandfather has the ability to reply to your message on Facebook. He just doesn’t want to because, well, look at that freakin’ view! He doesn’t have time for your tears. He’s too busy trying to pick up some beautiful women, which is something he could never do during his loveless marriage to your dead Grandmother.

She’s doing fine, by the way.