The Best Of Conan O’Brien: Check Out Our 8 Favorite Remote Segments


Most late night talk show hosts are at their best when they are interviewing celebrities, which makes sense considering that is the main part of their job. You wouldn’t hire a chef to run your restaurant if all he/she ever cooked was a Pepperoni Hot Pocket inside the microwave. And while Conan O’Brien does a great job with the guests; he’s at his best when he leaves the studio.

Conan is the master of remote sketches. Yeah, sometimes he receives a little help from A-listers like Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, but that’s just an added bonus. He doesn’t need anybody else. I could watch him shop for paper towels at Walmart and still be entertained.

Last weekend, I decided to search through all of Conan’s remote clips that are available on YouTube. After two hours of intense laughter, I managed to pick out my eight favorite remote segments.

Warning: The videos down below are similar to properly salted potato chips. Once you pop, you can’t stop.


No. 8 – Conan Visits Taco Bell


No. 7 – Conan And Mr. T Pick Apples Together


No. 6 – Conan Shares A Lyft Car With Kevin Hart And Ice Cube


No. 5 – Conan Joins Mary Kay


No. 4 – Conan Transit Strike Sketch


No. 3 – Conan Delivering Chinese Food In NYC


No. 2 – Conan Visits The American Girl Store


No. 1 – Conan Visits A Spa