Benedict Cumberbatch Apologizes For His ‘Colored Actors’ Remark During Interview (VIDEO)

The last time Benedict Cumberbatch made headlines for something he said, it was because he couldn’t properly pronounce the word penguin during a narration for a nature film. This time, he’s in the news for something a little more serious.

The 38-year-old Oscar-nominated actor was forced to apologize yesterday after referring to black actors as “colored” during an interview with Tavis Smiley. While discussing the lack of diversity in the British film industry, Cumberbatch said…

I think as far as colored actors go, it gets really difficult in the UK, and I think a lot of my friends have had more opportunities here [in the U.S.] than in the UK, and that’s something that needs to change.

If you are not a fan of reading quotes, you can check out video of the incident down below…

It’s clear that the actor didn’t mean to offend anyone. He was actually defending his friends, and trying to put the British film industry on blast for their clear lack of diversity. But still, you just can’t go around using the term ‘colored’ anymore. Who the heck even says that? I don’t even hear elderly people saying that anymore.

In any event, the actor did send out a heartfelt apology to those offended by his poor choice of words.

“I’m devastated to have caused offense by using this outmoded terminology. I offer my sincere apologies. I make no excuse for my being an idiot and know the damage is done. I feel the complete fool I am and while I am sorry to have offended people and to learn from my mistakes in such a public manner please be assured I have. I apologize again to anyone who I offended for this thoughtless use of inappropriate language about an issue which affects friends of mine and which I care about deeply.”

That is an apology, folks. We should all be taking notes. When you forget to take out the trash in the morning and your wife starts yelling at you, just print out this apology and stick it on the fridge. You may have to replace a few words to fit the marriage crime you committed, but it’s definitely a great starting point.

By the way, Tavis Smiley is defending Benedict. He sent out the following tweet…