Chris Brown Forced To Postpone Tour With Trey Songz After Judge Denies Travel Request


Were you looking forward to seeing Chris Brown and Trey Songz light up a stage near you? Well, we have some good and bad news for you. The good news being that the 26-city tour has NOT been cancelled. The bad news is that it has been postponed. Chris Brown broke the news on his Instagram account yesterday, and he seemed extremely disappointed.

You can check out the apology he wrote to his fans down below…


As you can see in his message above, the delay is being caused by the judge working his assault case. And since Brown was close to going back to jail a week or two ago, it would probably be wise to obey all orders. If he slips up again and gets his a** back in jail, then his tour probably would get cancelled.

When the Between The Sheets tour does start, it will be making stops in several big cities across America: Atlanta, Brooklyn, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Nashville, etc. You can click here to see the full list. But if you are in Virgina, please don’t try to click on that ticket link for today. Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Tyga will not be there. You will be the only one between the sheets.