‘In The House’ Star Maia Campbell Arrested At Waffle House Just One Month After Burger King Arrest


You probably know the 38-year-old actress from the ’90s sitcom, In The House. Remember that fine piece of entertainment? Starring LL Cool J and Alfonso Ribeiro? It was pretty awesome. But sadly one of the main stars from the show, Maia Campbell, has apparently lost her freaking mind.

Last weekend, the actress was arrested for the second time in less than a month after causing a drunken scene at a Waffle House. And you know she must have been causing quite the ruckus if Waffle House employees called the cops on her. This latest incident went down in Georgia, and police actually gave her the chance to leave on her own.

She refused, because she was wasted, and cops arrested her and charged her with disorderly conduct. And like we said above, this was just her latest arrest. Back on Jan. 21, she was arrested inside a Burger King after getting into a shouting match with another customer. The woman who received the verbal assault from Campbell claims it all started when the actress accused one of her daughters of stealing her wallet.

The manager of the Burger King told police that Campbell threatened the woman several times. At one point yelling, “bitch you gonna need some help.” But at the end of the day, the only person who needed help was Campbell. She was cuffed and placed in the back of a police car, where she called the arresting officer a “f–king fa–ot.”

Sounds like this woman needs some help, and we mean that sincerely. She’s had mental health issues in the past. She was even sent to a mandatory mental health facility after being arrested for theft several years ago.

I will give her this much…her arrest photos have gotten drastically better!  Here is 2010’s..Eeee-Yow!