Watch: Conan O’Brien And The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Take Naked Trip To Korean Spa


Last month, you may remember us posting something called, “The Best Of Conan O’Brien: Check Out Our Favorite Remote Segments” And number one on our list was the time Conan visited a spa several years ago.

Well, guess what? He just went back again, and this time he took a trip to a Korean Spa with The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun. As you might expect, the results were hilarious. In fact, this video is slightly better than his original spa video years ago. We would like to say the folks over at Conan saw our list and forced the freckled giant to recreate the magic. However, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

In any event, you should definitely watch the hilarious video down below. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Just forget about life for 10 minutes and watch Conan nearly lose his life during an authentic Korean scrub.