Norm Macdonald Reveals Eddie Murphy Refused To Play Bill Cosby On ‘SNL 40’

Almost everyone was disappointed with Eddie Murphy’s awkward return to Saturday Night Live. He didn’t even perform during the ‘SNL 40‘ special. He just appeared on stage for a little over a minute to give thanks to his fans and the nice tribute. It was highly disappointing.

But according to the great Norm Macdonald, the reunion special could have featured Eddie Murphy as Bill Cosby. The comedian revealed the news in a long series of tweets on Wednesday. For those who watched the show, you will know that Kenan Thompson ended up playing Bill Cosby during a hilarious Celebrity Jeopardy sketch.

However, original plans had Eddie Murphy playing Bill Cosby. Instead of trying to awkwardly translate Norm’s tweets, we are just going to post them all here.

Check out what could have been. By the way, Norm should seriously consider writing short stories on Twitter. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, even though I already knew the outcome.








And that’s why we only saw Eddie Murphy on stage for 70 seconds. It makes sense that he decided to decline the role. After all, he was angry with SNL for a long time for kicking him while he was down. It wouldn’t be right for him to do the same thing to someone else; however, making a few crappy movies is a lot different than allegedly raping a busload of women.