Karrueche Tran Confirms Chris Brown Is A Daddy, Claims She Is Finally Done With Him!

It looks like we weren’t the only ones surprised by Chris Brown’s baby news. The 25-year-old’s on-off girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, looks like she might be “off” for good.

Sources say she had no idea Brown was a father. She found out just like the rest of us, and it certainly looks like that was the case. Yesterday, she tweeted out the message you see down below. Wishing her former lover good luck with his new life. A life that she apparently doesn’t want any part of.

This tweet seemingly confirms the baby news. If you missed the post yesterday, it was reported by TMZ that Chris Brown has a 9-month-old daughter with a former model named Nia.

And guess what? Nia and Tran have actually partied together…

When I say “that’s” you say “f–ked up!” Damn. Brown did her dirty, especially if she really did hear about the news online. Sources say Brown has been calling Tran 24/7, but she’s refusing to answer his calls.

An insider told Hollywoodlife the following…

He should have had enough respect to tell Karrueche he was involved with other women. Karrueche, at this point, wouldn’t be surprised if he had other kids out there.

We also learned today that Nia named their daughter Royalty. We truly hope that report is false because that is a terrible name. Did Chris Brown sign off on that? If so, was he sober when he agreed to it?

Anyway, we’ll continued to keep you updated. We know Chris Brown has more than enough money to financially support this kid, but money isn’t the only thing a child needs from their father.