Lil Wayne Instructs Security Guard To Deliver A Knockout Punch To Fan (VIDEO)

We are sure Lil Wayne and his security guards are laughing right now. Believing they are so hardcore for knocking some fan out during a show in Florida last weekend, but the truth is, they are nothing but a bunch of cowards.

The madness started early Sunday morning. For some reason, people actually paid money to see Lil Wayne play a show at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. According to fans at the show, tickets cost between $80 and $150, so it wasn’t exactly cheap to get in. Mr. Wayne was scheduled to hit the stage at midnight, but we all know Wayne is a big deal.

F–k all those fans who showed up on time to see your silly ass mumble on stage, right? Because you have talent, and that’s something you can’t rush. Lil Wayne didn’t arrive on stage until 3:30 AM! He was over three hours late to his own show, which understandably made some of his fans angry.

And one fan, who yes we admit did seem extremely annoying, decided to show Weezy just how upset he was. TMZ reports that during the wait, the fan held up a scrolling message on his iPhone, which read, “Shut the f–k up and put on Weezy.” But after waiting three hours for the rapper to arrive, the message changed to just, “F–k Weezy.

This upset Lil Wayne, so he decided to have his security guards deal with the problem. Check out the video below…

He showed him, huh? Hitting someone when they aren’t even looking. That’s badass. Maybe next time you could try getting in a real fight.

We should mention there are some people who claim the fan might have tossed a beer on stage, but even if that did happen, it still doesn’t justify this brutal attack. All they had to do was drag the annoying fan out of the building. It’s not like the dude would have missed anything. Lil Wayne performed just two songs before leaving the stage.

Can you imagine if a restaurant treated their customers like Lil Wayne treats his fans? You make a reservation for 7:30 PM, but when you arrive they inform you the table won’t be available until 10. You’re annoyed, but you decide to wait around because the food is supposed to be amazing.

And then once your food arrives nearly three hours later, it’s just one piece of broccoli and a $200 check, with the tip not included. You complain to the waiter, and he says, “Let me tell the chef.”

He tells the chef and then you see the chef talking with one of the busboys. You are really annoyed at this point, so you decide to calm down by looking at the fish tank located inside the back wall of the restaurant. While you are taking a photo of the fish tank to show your friends on Instagram, the busboy comes over and stabs you right in the leg with a dirty fork.

I don’t think that restaurant would stay in business.