03APR2015 –  Dame Dash

Rachel Roy has LAPD waiting for Dame Dash. Dame Films it for The Gossip Blogs Himself (video)

03APR2015 -  Tallulah Ruth Dash Ava DashDame Dash is still on everyone’s mind after his epic Breakfast Club interview a few weeks ago. Feeding off that limelight, he is making the news again literally. This time it involves his ex-wife and the Law! The LAPD to be exact.

For those who don’t know, Dame used to be married to famed fashion designer Rachel Roy. In fact to be fair to Dame, he had a great part in launching her as a brand. The two have two daughter together and Rachel wants Dame’s visitation rights stripped away. She says that Dame is high all the time, abusive and an unfit father. She had the LAPD waiting at her house when Dame arrived.


Dame decided to cover the rest of the story himself. He took video and posted comments of the situation on his Instagram account “Duskopoppington”. TMZ was kind enough to have their video editors string the videos together, and yours truly just had enough super trolling skills to pull everything together. That’s what I do. That’s why you’re here.

So here are the comments that Dame posted,

Using the kids to get back at the fathers does nothing positive for the kids… Crazy how hard I’ve had to fight to be a good dad with emotional women…. The math just doesn’t add up to me…but I will always fight to make sure my kids have a mother and a father but it’s the most non logical fight on the planet

And here is the video of the police waiting for Dame at Rachel’s house.

And Dames’s colorful commentary after the incident.

Big shout out to the lapd for being understanding I just don’t see how calling me picking up my daughter kidnapping and how it could possibly be good for her to have to see that…you have to put the kids first the fight only hurts them…this shit is wack and yall gonna get it from me not the newspaper this is what I’m going through just trying to be a dad…and you know they gonna try to make me look like I’m crazy…My personal life has been public for years it’s the life I choose I’m not gonna sugar coat it…..it’s is what it is


We all know Dame is rich, either he still is, or was and almost definitely will be. We also know that Rachel Roy has a net worth estimated at $12 million. What this entire story tells me is that wealthy MoFo’s and broke MoFo’s have the same problems. The difference is, Dame pulled up to a million dollar home in a luxury vehicle. If I’m going to have these types of problems, I‘d much rather have them in a Benz in Beverly Hills, then in a 92 Corolla in Jamaica Queens.

Dame, if you are so smart, get out of this with as little impact to your daughters as possible. You know as well as I know, how you treat their mom is how they will grow up and think they should be treated by other men. I’ll be watching and taking notes homie.

UPDATE FROM DAME – He Wants Rachel to Know Something…

He posted this yesterday on “The Gram”