Dermatologist To The Stars Found Dead

fredric brandt

Fredric Brandt, the dermatologist to ageless stars like Madonna and Kelly Rippa was found dead in his Coral Gables home early this Sunday. He was 65 years old.

A PR person for Brandt reported the death, but gave no further details on his passing. It was only reported that he’d succumbed to an illness.

Of note, a Miami Herald reporter indicated that Brandt had been devastated over a character based on him (Played by a stone faced Martin Sheen) on the new Netflix Series, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and had suffered from a long period of depression over the comparison.


Brandt, like the character, was kind of known for his frozen face, and was once heard saying;

Would I change anything I’ve done? I might not have used as much Botox, because you don’t want to look quite as frozen.

There has been speculation that the long illness that Brandt suffered from was depression, and it was implied that the depression was aggravated by the unflattering Kimmy Schmidt parody. No one from the show has commented and Brandt’s official cause of death has not been shared.