New Photos Reveal Paris Jackson Is Doing Much Better, But Does She Also Have A New Man?


We all know the story. Paris Jackson’s life got a little out of control after Michael Jackson died. She attempted suicide in the summer of 2013, which left her family scared and looking for help.

Thankfully, they found help. Paris was sent to a boarding school in Utah, and it looks like getting away from everything helped her heal. The 17-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson is doing so much better now. Last month, photos were released showing Paris finishing a workout with a mystery man.


Who is this dude? According to E! News, the man in the photo is soccer player Chester Castellaw. He’s currently a member of the Real So Cal soccer club and is right in the middle of his season, but he’s obviously still finding time to meet with Paris. That must mean something, right?

Not much else is known about their relationship. However, it does look like this Chester dude is making Paris happy, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Anyway, we are glad to see she is doing better now. And it’s not just the smiling photos making us believe she is doing better. Sources connected with the Jackson family also claim she is in a much better place now…

She is doing a lot better. She is getting back to normal. Utah has been exactly what she needed to get better. She is in a much better place.

Keep it up, Paris!