Tiger Woods Taking Lindsey Vonn Breakup Hard, Hasn’t Slept In More Than 72 Hours!


It doesn’t matter how much money or fame you have, breaking up with someone you really love will always be a painful experience. While preparing for his big week at TPC Sawgrass, Woods got a little emotional while talking to reporters.

With tears in his eyes, Tiger talked about how difficult the last few days have been for him…

Obviously it does affect me. It is tough. There’s no doubt. I’m not going to lie about that. It is tough. And on top of that, this time of year is really, really hard on me. This three-day window is really hard. I haven’t slept.

What does he mean by “this time of year”? Well, his father Earl Woods passed away nine years ago on May 3, so as he mentioned this time of year has and will always be hard for him.

But you add a breakup with someone you’ve been dating for three years? Damn. We certainly feel for the guy. The good news is that golf usually helps transport him into this magical zone…

I’ve always had to deal with circumstances on both, deal with stuff outside the ropes, and once you’re inside the ropes it’s time to tee it up and time to play. I focus, I get into my little world, my little zone and do the best I possibly can . . . for a five-hour time period.

We’re rooting for you, Tiger! Get some freakin’ rest and hit some balls.