‘Walking Dead’ Actor Seth Gilliam Arrested For DUI After Cops Find Him Speeding Down Georgia Road

Is ‘The Walking Dead‘ becoming the new Disney for actors? Last week, we reported on Chad L. Coleman’s public meltdown in the New York subway, and now the man who plays the priest on the show has been arrested in Georgia.

Apparently, filming for the show’s sixth season has just started, and it appears the stress of being on one of the most popular cable TV shows in history is getting to Seth Gilliam (Gabriel Stokes).

Police arrested the actor on Sunday in Peachtree, GA, after they found him driving 107 miles per hour. When police pulled him over, they noted that his “eyes were extremely bloodshot” and his blood-alcohol content registered at a 0.107.

In addition to the speeding, cops also found a marijuana cigarette inside his vehicle, but obviously the harmless pot had nothing to do with his dangerous driving. The three beers and one shot he admitted to drinking earlier in the night probably did though.

He didn’t stay in jail for too long. He was released a short time later after posting a $9,818 bond. AMC has assured fans that his arrest will not interrupt production on the sixth season of the show, because we all know that’s what everyone cares about.

No one cares if he could have killed someone going over 100 miles per hour down a road. They just want to make sure they’ll still have something to watch on Sunday night.