Kim Kardashian Spills The Beans, Find Out The Sex Of Kimye’s Second Baby!


Kim Kardashian waited until Father’s Day was almost over to share the big announcement. Late last night, Kim shared the photo you see above on her Instagram account. As you can see, Kanye West is being a good daddy, reading a story to their daughter North West.

And just a few weeks ago we learned that Kim was pregnant with their second child. This was HUGE news because they had been trying and trying for months. At one point, they were concerned Kim couldn’t get pregnant again, but Kanye continued to pound away and now they are getting ready for baby number two.

So, will North West have a little baby brother or a little baby sister? Read the Instagram message below and see for yourself…

Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for. You’re such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!

You see that? She said son! Is the world prepared for a Kanye Jr. crawling around? I guess we’ll find out this December. It’s going to be one busy holiday season for the Kardashian/West family.

We’re still not sure what they plan on naming this new baby, but Kim claims they won’t be going with another direction…

I don’t like South West though because that’s like, you know, North will always be better and be more….she has a better direction. So I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.

Maybe they will name him after a member of One Direction?

  1. Liam ‘Payne in my ass‘ West.
  2. Harry ‘Don’t call me Larry‘ West.

…eh? It’s Monday morning. Leave me alone.