The Swirl Is Back On: Tamera Mowry And Adam Housley Welcome Their Second Child Together!

Haters will continue to hate. Tamera Mowry doesn’t care if you approve of her interracial marriage with Fox News correspondent, Adam Housley. They obviously have a good thing going, and they don’t have any room for your nasty comments. The adorable couple will be busy for at least 18 more years.

The actress gave birth to their second child on Wednesday. A little baby girl named Ariah Talea Housley. This means their two-year-old son Aden will have a little sister to protect.

Adam shared the exciting news on his Twitter account.


In a statement released to People, the parents revealed that Aden has already welcomed his little sister with a video, “We are beyond overjoyed and blessed with our beautiful baby girl. Aden already made a welcome video for her.” We’ll see how long that lasts though. He will be getting jealous soon. Start throwing marshmallows all over the house and sh-t.

Not only was yesterday an exciting day for Adam and Tamera, but it was also exciting for fans of Tamera who have been following her pregnancy journey on her personal website. She made several blog posts during the process, even explaining what exercises she was performing to stay healthy during the final weeks…

We almost exclusively do aqua sessions. At a time when I can barely bend over to pick something I drop up off the ground, the pool provides the perfect resistance without me struggling too badly through a workout.

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t be surprised if you hear another baby announcement from Tamera and Adam in the near future…

You should have seen my face when he told me he wanted FIVE kids! Ha! That idea changed real quick. Maybe 3. Maybe! But he was meant to be a father and he does a fantastic job.

Aw. Congrats to the happy couple!