Is Demi Lovato Ready To Marry Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama? Get The Surprising Answer Inside!

She might only be 22-years-old, but it looks like Demi Lovato is ready to settle down with her 35-year-old boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. As most of you know, the two stars have been dating for several years now. And there was almost a little bit of a “Kylie Jenner/Tyga” thing going on between them.

When they first started dating, Demi was 18 and Wilmer was 30. Even Demi’s parents were suspicious of this Wilmer character, saying, “I don’t know why someone his age is wanting to date someone so young.” We can think of a few reasons, but apparently Valderrama isn’t the creep we all once believed he was.

He has helped Demi through some of the darkest moments of her life, and during a recent interview with a New Zealand radio station, the actress/singer admitted she would say ‘yes’ if Wilmer asked her to marry him tomorrow…

I am very, very in love with him. I think—we will probably wait a little bit longer, but—if he asked tomorrow I would say yes. What we have is real and incredible and very special.

One of the reasons she loves Wilmer so much? He helps her maintain a healthy body image, which is incredibly important because she has struggled with an eating disorder in the past.

A few days ago, she posted the photo you see below to her Instagram account, with the caption, “Learn to lurrrrrvveee yerrrrr currrrrvveees. I actually used to hate them… But then a special someone helped me learn how to love them… And he sure loves them….”


Obviously, there is a beautiful woman in that photo and I certainly appreciate her body. I would love to take over for Wilmer one night; however, I must admit something. That purse thingy sitting next to her? I kinda dig it. I have no reason to carry one, but that sh-t is vibrant. It’s making me feel alive.