See The First Photos Of Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert After Their Shocking Divorce


Obviously the biggest story this week has been the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorce. The power couple just couldn’t make things work. According to In Touch Weekly, the legal documents show Blake was the one who filed for the divorce, which fueled the rumors claiming Miranda cheated on him.

However, as we reported yesterday, Miranda’s camp says everything was a calculated move by Shelton and his team. They also claim it was Shelton who destroyed the marriage by cheating on Lambert. I don’t know if we’ll ever figure out the truth, but it does look like both country music stars are trying to put this mess behind them.

On Wednesday, Miranda Lambert returned to the stage for the first time since her divorce went public. And you know what? She looked pretty freakin’ sexy. She also looked extremely happy, and possibly even refreshed?

You can actually check out a short clip of her performance with Ashley Monroe at the bottom of this page. She looked beautiful, sounded beautiful, and like we said she appeared to be having a great time. Of course, she is an entertainer. This all could be an act. Maybe she’s truly dying inside.

As for Blake? Well, he’s not hiding out inside his house either. He went back to work on The Voice. E! News snapped this photo of him leaving closed rehearsals for the show yesterday in West Hollywood. He also appeared to be in a pretty good mood.


He also went on his Twitter account to announce he just worked out on a treadmill, “Just got off the treadmill. This calls for a drink. Bitch….” and when one fan pointed out how strange it would be to see Blake Shelton running a treadmill, the singer replied with, “It looked like one of those messin’ with Sasquatch commercials…”

It’s nice to see the divorce didn’t ruin his sense of humor.