‘Dancing with the Stars’ Has Finally Added The Greatest Celebrity Ever To Their Roster: Gary Freakin’ Busey!

If you have been following this site, then you probably know that I am a HUGE fan of Gary Busey. I think I’ve mentioned Gary’s name more than Kim Kardashian‘s, and that’s saying something for a gossip website. I feel like people don’t understand the greatness behind the Busey.

But hopefully that’s going to change soon. The 71-year-old part-time actor/full-time God, made a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to announce he will be joining Dancing with the Stars for season 21. He was brought out on a white horse wearing a horse-sized dance costume. It was incredibly strange, but would you really expect anything different from Gary?

When he was asked why he decided to join the show, he replied, “I didn’t have anything else to do.” He then asked the audience to vote for him.



Lovely. It looks like I’ll be watching DWTS for the first time, and I’ll also be voting for the first time. I’ll do anything to see Gary Busey’s lovely face on my television. It’s a crime that a network hasn’t allowed him to host his own daytime talk show.

Shooting the Sh-t with Gary Busey: Tune in every weekday at 1pm to watch Gary Busey interview farm animals and random plates of food.

By the way, the entire cast will officially be announced later this morning. I might update this post later to include their names. Not that it really matters. We all know Gary Busey is going to win.


  1. Gary Busey
  2. Nick Carter
  3. Kim Zolciak
  4. Tamar Braxton
  5. Paula Deen
  6. Andy Grammer
  7. Bindi Irwin
  8. Chaka Khan
  9. Carlos PenaVega
  10. Alexa PenaVega
  11. Hayes Grier
  12. Victor Espinoza
  13. Alek Skarlatos