Teresa Giudice Gets Six Figure Interview Deal

Would you take $200,000 if it meant you had to spend a year in prison, especially in minimum security? I know I would.

And it looks like Teresa Giudice gets to actually do it. The reality star has already inked a six-figure deal with Bravo for a sit-down interview, thanks to a loophole in her Real Housewives contract. The network never bothered to cover an interview specific deal, so the Giudice’s were able to squeeze a bit more money out of it. Sources also claim Teresa was trying to get an advance, but Bravo refused as they’re unable to pinpoint when she’ll be able to do the actual interview.

She’s due to get out of jail in 2016, but will be on probation and may even have to stay at a halfway house before she’s fully free. In addition, the feds will be garnishing her paychecks at a whopping 25% to pay back the estimated $214,000 she still owes.

Husband Joe will be starting his sentence when Teresa gets out. I have to wonder how much he’s going to get for his interview?