Jim Carrey’s Ex-Girlfriend Committed Suicide Using Pills Prescribed To The Comedian

As almost all of you know by now, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide last week. She was found dead inside her home in Los Angeles.

And now, according to multiple sources, police found three empty bottles of medicine next to her bed.  She was found with the dangerous pain killer Percocet, the sleep aid Ambien and Propranolol. Those three medications were reportedly prescribed to Carrey (under an alias).

Police believe she may have taken the drugs from the comedian’s house before their break-up. When exactly did the couple end their relationship? Most reports have September 24th as the official date. But no one knows 100% who initiated the split, although, it’s beginning to look like it was Carrey.

Sources who talked with TMZ claim Carrey just needed a little break from the relationship. He was planning on returning to the relationship, but White was heartbroken and she refused to listen to her friends, who tried to tell her that Carrey still cared for her.

Last week, Scientology expert Tony Ortega wrote on his blog that, according to a few of White’s friends, she had been undergoing the church’s “Survival Rundown” course in the few months before her death. You can read more about that by clicking here.

Reports say she will be buried in Ireland, and Jim Carrey is expected to attend the funeral. We’ll continue to keep you posted.