YouTube Star Caleb Logan Has Died At Just 13-Years-Old, Family Posts Tribute Video And Special Message

If you are a fan of YouTube and daily vloggers, this news is probably going to shock you. 13-year-old Caleb Logan of the popular YouTube family the Bratayleys has passed away. The family has over 1 million subscribers, and according to Variety, their channel on YouTube has over one billion views.

And one of the reasons their vlog series is so popular is because of Caleb Logan. There was just something about this family. People loved to watch their lives, much like the other family of YouTube, the Shaytards. Families putting up daily vlogs is a popular thing these days, and whether you “get it” or not, the Bratayley family was ridiculously successful.

Sadly, they suffered a terrible loss last week. On Friday, Caleb’s mother posted the devastating news on the family’s official Instagram page.


As you can see in the message, they are blaming the sudden death on natural causes, which has a lot of people confused. That’s usually something reserved for an 85-year-old. A 13-year-old kid usually doesn’t just die for no reason.

And in the final vlog posted before his death, the teenager seemed to be healthy. Although, toward the end of the video his behavior did seem a bit strange. Around the 10:00 mark, it sounds like he mentions something about a narcotic. He also talks about how his cheeks seemed puffy, which makes you wonder if he was having dental work done, and possibly had a bad reaction to the pain medicine? That’s all just speculation though.

Listening to it again, it sounds like he actually says, “dropped it…no caught it,” referring to the camera he was holding. Difficult to tell because he was slurring his words so much throughout the final minute of the video.



In all honesty, I haven’t watched enough of their videos to know how Caleb acted on a normal day. Maybe that was just his normal self in the video above, but it certainly seemed like there was something going on. It was also a little strange how he was talking about his “future self” in the final minutes of the video.

Maker Studios, the Disney-owned digital media company posted the statement you see below…

We are heartbroken at the tragic loss of Caleb from Bratayley, a beloved member of the Maker family. Our love, support, thoughts, and prayers are with the Bratayley family.

Hopefully the family releases more information soon. Our thoughts go out to them.