Britney Spears Is Loving That Las Vegas Money, Buys Gorgeous $7 Million Mansion! (PHOTOS)

Buying a house for $7.4 million would never be considered a “steal” for a normal person. If anything, it would be a miracle, or the result of handing your soul over to the devil. But for incredibly rich celebrities? $7 million is a great price for a mansion that includes a golf course and a tennis court.

Britney Spears put those Las Vegas paychecks to good use. Sources say she closed on the 13,000 sq. ft mansion late last week. And this house is just outside of Los Angeles, so the fact that Britney managed to get this for just $7 million is pretty incredible.

It has 5 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, tennis courts, a 3-hole golf course, an infinity pool, 3,500-bottle temperature controlled wine cellar, and it sits on 20.98 acres. Let’s just take a moment to focus on the 5 bedrooms. Can you imagine how huge they must be? You’d think a house that size would have at least 8 or 9 bedrooms.

Side note: According to this report from Variety, the house was originally listed for close to $12 million back in 2013, so Britney really did get a great price for the home.

Check out the beautiful photos below…