14422538959899 – 18OCT2015

Who Knew? Jadakiss Can Really Breakdance. Like For Real, For Real. Watch the Clip.(VIDEO)

jada_1 - 18OCT2015

Last week after years of promotion and promises, Jadakiss finally dropped his long awaited mixtape: Top 5 Dead or Alive. However, that wasn’t the only thing that dropped. During a Youtube clip that features the Lox and Kiss in the studio, Kiss gives us a sneak peek into his classic B-Boy style. Kiss drops to the floor himself and gets busy!

When I received an email telling me to check out this clip, this was the last thing I exected. I mean, when we see Kiss we think of a thick, chunky dude. Dance moves are the last thing I expect from him. Maybe a two step, but nothing like you will see in the clip below.

The clip gets you into the mood with Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” from the classic B-boy movie “Breakin”. Then you see Kiss wearing sweats and a hoodie take the dance floor.  He starts off slow, moving like and old man with old bones…..and by the end, Kiss is into full blown windmills. Yes. Jadakiss is doing windmills.  Someone had the perfect comment on Youtube: “I feel like my favorite super hero developed a new power”.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

If the Chaka Khan and break dancing weren’t enough – here is the mixtape. Need I warn you….the lyrics are pretty explicit, but unlike Fetty Wap there are actual lyrics. Real Hip Hop.