Zendaya Wins! Modeliste Reveals Sloppy Photoshopped Photos. Fake Bracelets, Missing Fingers and More! (Pics)


Remember a few weeks ago when Zendaya went on her Instagram to call out Modeliste Magazine for going extremely heavy on the Photoshop? If you don’t remember, you can click here to see the original post. Basically, they slimmed down her legs/thighs significantly, which was unnecessary because the original version looked great.

In fact, the original version looked better than the photo you saw in the magazine. Let’s take another look to refresh your memory of the horrible chicken legs they gave poor Zendaya.

(Photoshop left, natural right)

After getting blasted by the 19-year-old on social media, the magazine decided to share all of the untouched, natural images from the photo shoot. And when you compare them to the edited versions, you have to wonder what the hell the magazine was thinking while messing with a few of these.

Let’s start off with one edit that makes sense, because we don’t want this post to be 100% negative. In the photo set below, you can see the editors changed her cuffs to match with the white bathing suit she was wearing. At least that makes some sense.

But why did they remove her fingers? AND WHY DO THEY KEEP TRIMMING HER WAIST?



In the next set of photos, it looks as if they actually left her waist and thighs alone for once. However, they did manage to find something else wrong.

And that something else? Those disgusting veins in her foot. Gross. I mean does your foot really need to have blood traveling through it, Zendaya? In addition to smoothing her foot over, they also made sure none of their readers got distracted by that chunky a** sand. What have you been eating lately, Ms. Sand?!


And finally, you have this set, which once again proves the editors of this magazine have some strange obsession with chickens. Not only did they shave down her right thigh considerably, but they also decided to remove the gold ankle bracelet.

Maybe it was just bringing out those nasty veins too much? Because as you can see, they magically disappeared again! THE HUMAN BODY IS SO GROSS, GUYZ!


But you know what? It’s Friday. Let’s end this post on a positive note. The changes made to the photo you see below seem completely reasonable, so at least the editors got one right.

As you can see, they smoothed out her outfit and made everything look more colorful and brighter. These are the changes I can get behind.