Justin Bieber Teases Followers (AND DRAKE!) With Special Photo Of Selena Gomez, Are They Back Together?


What happens after you die? Where is Waldo? How long could I live on a pumpkin pie diet? Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together?

Those are questions I ask myself at least once a day, and I would love to do some research on the whole pumpkin pie thing, but this isn’t a food blog. We are a website focusing on celebrities, which means we should focus on the relationship between Justin and Selena.

Are they back together? Here is what we know. As we reported back in November, the Biebs and Selena enjoyed a special night together inside a hotel bar. The 21-year-old singer got on the piano and serenaded his former love with a beautiful rendition of My Girl. Later in the night, they slow danced to Lionel Richie’s Easy, which is amusing because literally nothing about their relationship has been easy.

Photographer Lindsey Cavanaugh, the woman who shot the now famous Instagram video of the special moment, claims it was mesmerizing to watch…

They were honestly mesmerizing to watch slow dance. My business partner gave him the thumbs up and he gave it back to her and laughed, then dipped Selena all the way to the floor.

Speaking of thumbs, Selena had her thumb all over Justin’s shoulder during a late-night walk following the cuteness inside the hotel bar. Jelena supporters nearly lost their minds when they saw this blurry photo of the former couple…

That’s the most recent photo we have of them together. The special night in November none of us will ever forget. But does this prove they are back together, or at least trying to work things out? NO ONE FREAKING KNOWS!

One thing is clear, Selena is tired of talking about it. During a recent interview with InStyle UK, she said, “I’m just tired of talking about it. I never intended for my life to become a tabloid story.

The Biebs doesn’t seem to mind the attention. In fact, he made everything more complicated earlier this week by posting the photo you see below…


Some of Justin’s followers thought this was a recent photo of the couple. Even Wheelchair Jimmy (Drake) was fooled by the photo. After Bieber made it clear it was simply a “throwback” photo, Drake wrote, “Damn thought this was a Jelena current day flick.”

Poor guy. We are in the same boat though. Hopefully we get an answer soon. My heart can’t take much more. While we wait, enjoy another adorable Jelena throwback…