Amber Rose Admits To Having “Lesbianic Feelings” For Ronda Rousey (VIDEO)


It’s been almost a month since Ronda Rousey almost died while trying to defend her title against Holly Holm. We all know how the fight ended. Rousey left herself open and got smashed by Holly’s foot, which resulted in a devastating knockout.

And obviously, since Rousey talked so much sh-t before the fight, the internet gave it right back to her after she lost the fight. People were calling her names, saying she never deserved the title and that she should stick with acting in Hollywood.

However, there is one person who is standing in Ronda’s corner. The always entertaining Amber Rose talked with TMZ the other night and she admitted that she has some “lesbianic feelings” for the 28-year-old fighter. And when the reporter asked if Ronda knew, Rose replied with, “She knows now.”

Check out the video below…



Sadly for Amber, Ronda is currently in a relationship with a UFC fighter named Travis Browne. As far as we know, Ronda has never expressed sexual feelings for another woman. But maybe she might invite Rose over for a threesome? And maybe they would be nice enough to film this event? That’s something I would pay to see on pay-per-view.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Amber has made her feelings known for another female celebrity. Earlier this year, she went on her Instagram account to announce her love for the beautiful Margot Robbie.