No more babies for Kim and Kanye


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were warned by doctors against having more children. After two pregnancy complications that involved placenta accreta — a potentially life-threatening condition – the doctors told her it’s a guarantee that she’d get it again.

After the painful birth of their latest, Saint, it’s unlikely that Kim would want another one anyway. According to sources, the couple is happy with their two and has no plans for another.

Kardashian’s last pregnancy was plagued with problems, including Kardashian needed a procedure prior to giving birth due to the baby being breech. She also suffered from preeclampsia, another high-risk condition. If the couple tries again, it’s likely they’d go with a surrogate as a safer option.Despite the birth troubles, Saint was born at a healthy, 8 pounds and one ounce. According to grandmother, Kris;

Everybody’s good…everybody’s happy tucked in, ready for the holidays.