Kanye West Overwhelms Kim Kardashian With 150 Presents For Christmas!


Christmas morning for most adults isn’t THAT exciting. Yeah, there will be a few presents waiting for you under the tree, but all the cool gifts are for the kids. It’s just something you learn to accept. Your life is going to be filled with terrible gifts after the age of 20.

Unless your husband is Kanye West. The recording artist/potential presidential candidate decided his wife, Kim Kardashian, deserved to have a very merry Christmas after the difficulties of her most recent pregnancy. During the family’s weekly livestream event on Sunday night, Kim showed off all the presents she received from Kanye.


150 gifts in total. That’s right, Mr. West gave his wife 150 presents for Christmas, which is more presents than I have received in my entire life. The beautifully wrapped presents basically filled the room, and that’s saying something because the Kardashians have some huge rooms.

Kris Jenner‘s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, announced the news during the clip, “We’ve got ‘To Kim from Kanye,’ 150 gifts and counting.”

And while Kim obviously loved her gifts, which included a Louis Vuitton dress, Prada jumpsuit and a rainbow-hued fur coat, she was trying to unwrap and appreciate in record time because she wanted to finish before Saint West decided to wake up from his nap.

“You’re very spoiled, Kim.” Kris told her daughter. But Kim was quick to fire back with this, “I haven’t shopped for myself in over six months. And Kanye has to deal with me every day.”

Good for them. Seriously. They have the money…why not go a little crazy on Christmas? They’re not hurting anyone. #StopTheHate