6 Times Fans Of Justin Bieber Threatened To Murder Someone


No. 3 – They’re Not Joking!

Snap! What did this bitch Lara Stone do? She obviously had to do something terrible to generate such a nasty comment. Oh, that’s right, she is the model who had her hands all over Justin during that Calvin Klein photo shoot.

Apparently, this is considered “dick touching” in the land of Beliebers…


How dare she do the job she was hired for! She’s clearly holding Bieber down in that photo. He looks uncomfortable. Might even be able to get her for sexual assault…someone call up Gloria Allred!



No. 2 – We Like Justin!

Okay, so this isn’t a death threat, but believe me when I say we have received them! For some reason, fans of Justin Bieber seem to hate us, even though we are usually one of the only sites defending him.

For example, the comment above was posted to the Facebook page after we posted this story to our website. In the article, we said nothing bad about the Biebs. Heck, we even said, “the 21-year-old singer is a completely different person now. He’s not the same person he was a year or two ago.”

We were giving Bieber credit for how he handles drama now! WE ARE NOT JEALOUS! WE LOVE BIEBER! Well, love might be too strong of a word; however, we certainly don’t hate the guy.



No. 1 – Uh…

What can you say about this? Hopefully this was a parody or something. I would love for someone to tell me the tweet above was a joke. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where that message is sincere.