Channing Tatum And Beyonce Literally Run The World After Incredible Lip Sync Battle (VIDEO)


If you asked me five years ago if I would ever describe a lip sync battle as “incredible,” I would probably shoot you in the face. But Jimmy Fallon created a monster, and then he went on vacation one day and asked LL Cool J to watch his monster while he was gone.

And Mr. Cool was like, “Damn. This monster is dope! I’m going to let the people at Spike see it!” And the people at Spike fell in love with the monster, so they decided to work out a deal with Fallon. Long story short, monster has found a new home and the rich are just getting richer because of it.

But it’s all good because the show that was created from this monster is actually extremely entertaining. We have posted several clips from Lip Sync Battle on our website because we know our audience will love them.

The clip you see below is no different. Channing Tatum and Beyonce on stage together, both wearing revealing outfits and pretend singing their butts off? DOES LIFE GET ANY BETTER? THE ANSWER IS NO! STOP WORKING FOR A FEW MINUTES AND WATCH THE GREATNESS!

Your boss will totally understand. Channing’s performance comes in at around the 1:55 mark, but you should watch his wife’s (Jenna Dewan Tatum) performance before his. It’s, uh, well how should I put this…stimulating? You might have to take a bathroom break.