The Moment You All Have Been Waiting For: Adele Sings With James Corden In A New Carpool Karaoke (VIDEO)


James Corden hasn’t even been hosting The Late Late Show for a full year, but he’s already managed to produce one of the best segments since Mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel.

Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ videos never disappoint. It’s not complicated. The host drives to work with a famous celebrity in his car, and they do typical car stuff together. It’s similar to almost every road trip you shared with your best friend in high school.

The three best Carpool Karaoke videos so far have featured Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and One Direction. But now we must add the wonderful Adele to the list. Every single thing she does automatically becomes a huge success, and this hilarious ride around town with Corden is no different.

As always, we are not going to ruin the video for you by detailing every single thing that happens. The video is worth the 14 minutes. Trust me. Would I lie to you about something this serious? Heck no. We here at TVST take entertainment very seriously.

If you’re not entertained, then we are not doing our jobs properly. By the way, this video already has over one million views. She might break the internet again.