We Have Photos Of Louis Tomlinson’s AMAZING Rental Dream Home, Plus Find Out Which Huge Movie Star Lives Next Door!


As Harry Styles continues to do his own thing, Louis Tomlinson is focused on being the best daddy he can be. And you can’t be the best daddy in the world if you live over 5,000 miles away from your son and baby mama.

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter knew he needed to land a new home in Los Angeles, and that’s exactly what he did. After buying his baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, a modest home in Calabasas, Tomlinson went shopping for himself…and it’s safe to say he went all out.

According to the reports, he’s renting a $21 million mansion in Los Angeles. It has a luxurious swimming pool, beautiful views of the city, a theater and even a personal gym.

But the most awesome thing about the house? Leonardo DiCaprio lives next door. Can you imagine the insane parties going on inside that neighborhood? Geez. The whole street probably smells like Starbucks and dry semen. Or maybe not, Leo probably forces his ladies to swallow.

Anyway, let’s move on. I feel like we took a nasty turn down Inappropriate Avenue. The only way to get back on track? PHOTOS OF TOMLINSON’S AMAZING HOME!

Check them out below…