Cuba Gooding Jr. Suffers Demonic Possession, Eats Someone’s Cell Phone While Punching The Air In Club (VIDEO)


People inside Miami Beach Nightclub ‘LIV‘ claim Cuba Gooding Jr. was normal when he walked inside the club earlier in the night. But then, something happened to the 48-year-old actor who is experiencing one of the great highs of his career, thanks to the outstanding reviews for The People v. O.J. Simpson.

At first, we thought maybe he was just incredibly drunk, and then we thought maybe he was incredibly high. But after watching the videos at the bottom of this page, we know Cuba was wrestling with the devil inside his body. It’s the only explanation.

Not only were his dance moves quite aggressive, but at one point he tries to eat someone’s cell phone. And I don’t care how high/drunk you are, putting a nasty a** cell phone in your mouth is just something you don’t do. Those things have more bacteria than a toilet seat, right? How many people have you seen licking a toilet seat?

The answer is hopefully zero. I truly believe the devil made him put that phone inside his mouth. I mean, Cuba was clearly feeling the heat because he ripped his freaking shirt off.

Check out the insane videos below. By the way, Cuba does seem to have a history with drugs and alcohol. A report from Radar Online claims the actor (who was married at the time in 2007) had a another wild night at a nightclub, which involved drugs and alcohol. He allegedly invited a few girls up to his room where he “aggressively tried to sleep with them.”


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