PROUD FATHER! WATCH: Son of Kimbo Slice Gets First MMA Win in Devastating 1st Round Knockout (Full Fight Video)

Not too bad.

One might even say a slice off of the old block.  For those who might have forgotten just how hard papa hits, here’s a quick reminder video.


WATCH NOW: Kimbo Slice’s Greatest Hits!!

BONUS VIDEO: David Blaine Absorbs a Punch from Kimbo in the stomach!!

What do you get when you mix the creepy magic of David Blaine and the punching power of Kimbo Slice?

A must see video.

BTW, that is exactly how Harry Houdini died.

Rumor has it, that he got hit in the stomach but he wasn’t ready.  Imagine taking a punch like that and not being prepared.

That would definitely kill me.

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