Yo, Justin! Is This What You Were Looking For? Kourtney Kardashian Shares Incredible Butt Selfie (PHOTO!)


After Kourtney Kardashian kicked Scott Disick’s cheating butt to the curb last year, she was seen chillin’ with some pretty young dudes. The 36-year-old mother of three was photographed with 22-year-old Justin Bieber and Diddy’s 24-year-old stepson, Quincy.

Of course, her relationship with the Biebs got most of the attention. You can read all about that drama by clicking here and here.


Kourtney and Quincy.

When news of her potential romance with Bieber spread across the internet, fans of the superstar couldn’t figure out why he’d be wasting his time with some 36-year-old mother. He could have any girl he wants (including Selena Gomez!) so what did/does he see in Kourtney?

Well, the answer is pretty freaking clear now. Kourtney surprised her fans yesterday with an extremely revealing bikini selfie.


Daaaamn! We totally get it, Justin. If you wanted to enjoy the MILF experience for a week or two, Kourtney is probably one of your best bets. I’ve always thought she was the most attractive Kardashian sister.

If you want more of Kourtney in a bikini, you can watch the two short clips below from her Snapchat.