Lebron Gets Hype while Watching Sons Play Ball. Can you say “3rd Grader Doing a Euro Reverse Lay-up”? (VIDEO)

I love seeing this because I love seeing Lebron as a Dad.  I like to imagine that he really is a good dad, and watching him on the sidelines getting hyped is actually more exciting to the other dads then watching their  own kids playing.


And yes, his youngest son kills a kid with a crossover then does a reverse euro style lay up.

Lebron wrote on instagram:

Man I’m proud of my boys! So surreal seeing them both playing the game that I’ve loved for so long and they do it now because they love it too!

With my busy schedule it’s heaven when I can just be there to see them both play. Makes my heart cry!



But before you get into the Lebron kids, to give you an idea how good Bryce and Bronny James really are, we have Dwayne Wades son.

Ziare is 14 years old and pretty good, or so you think so initially.  Zaire aka Z-Wade has crazy handle and can dish the ball anywhere with a no look pass that would catch an NCAA player by surprise.

I too was super impressed. Watch..

Zaire Wade

That is to say I was super impressed until I saw the James Boyz.  This is the second video I’ve seen them play in and they get better and better with each passing month!

If you don’t believe just watch.  Take special note at 1:38 seconds in….it gets sick.

If they get to the height that we expect, the NBA is not just a possibility for them, it’s  a probability.  Watch …(Sorry Wade).

Lebron James son