Did Police Officers In Florida Lie To Protect Country Music Superstar Zac Brown? Strange Story Inside… (UPDATE)



Zac Brown jumped on his band’s Facebook page and addressed the rumors. You can check out his post below. It might make his family, friends and fans feel better, but it will make everyone else question the police in Florida. Why are they willing to lie for Zac? Do you think they would have lied for Drake, Tyga, Kendrick?




Country music superstar Zac Brown might like his chicken fried and a cold beer on a Saturday night, but according to a report from TMZ, he also enjoys marijuana, cocaine and strippers. You know, typical rock star stuff.

The gossip site reports that Brown was inside a Four Seasons hotel room in Palm Beach one week ago. Cops raided the room at around 5:30 in the morning and arrested at least four people for marijuana and coke possession. There were also two strippers in the room. They were both arrested during the drug bust.

But Zac? He wasn’t arrested. Heck, he wasn’t even inside the room, according to Palm Beach police. The police department has continuously denied that Brown was in the room. They sent the following email to TMZ after multiple requests for more information.


But no one believes that because the sources have a completely different story. Sources say the cops were HUGE fans of the country singer, and he asked them to keep his name out of the report because he has a wife and family back at home.

The cops were more than happy to help him out. They even asked for his autograph while they were arresting the other people inside the room. And according to the sources, they even made fun of the strippers because they apparently didn’t know who Brown was.

Makes us wonder if the “sources” are the strippers who were arrested. If this report is legit, it’s a huge deal. Most cops seem to love busting rappers who have just a little bit of marijuana, but a country singer from Georgia can chill in a room full of cocaine and strippers with no fear of being charged with anything?

I wonder how many times something like this has happened before?