WATCH: Robert De Niro Gets Emotional As he Reveals Autistic Son Changed Overnight From Vaccination and Why He Regrets Pulling Anti Vaccine-Movie From the Tribeca Film Festival


We heard last month that De Niro, one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival made the decision to pull a controversial movie entitled “Vaxxed” from this year’s film festival.  This was very confusing as the media initially made it sound like pulling the film was De Niro’s idea, which it was, but not for the reasons that you would think.


De Niro, who has an 18 year old son with Autism actually felt and still feels strongly that the film needs to be seen but he explained today that he pulled the film because of the backlash that he was receiving from other filmmakers NOT the sponsors which was previously the thought.  De Niro says that he was on the set shooting a movie when he heard what was going on and decided to pull it the movie because it was a simple solution to a complicated problem that he was too busy to dive into at the time things were bubbling up.


The vaccine issue is one that is tricky because there are a number of parents who insist that their child changed overnight after getting their vaccination.  Robert says that his wife insists this was the case with their own son.  If you are a parent, and made the choice to vaccinate your child and you first hand witnessed your child change literally overnight, there is no amount of science in the world that will convince  you that the vaccine shot had nothing to do with the Autism diagnosis.  That’s just about where De Niro is on this subject.

Here is where De Niro stands: While science is largely against him, and the doctor who is responsible for the film has been previously discredited, we do have freedom of speech and the movie should be shown and viewers should make their own decisions.

I totally agree.  OJ was innocent yet I will watch Martin Sheen’s documentary and decide what to believe for myself.

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