drake and Rihanna 16APR2016

FINALLY! Drake’s Tattoo of Rihanna Confirmed. A Photo In Drake’s Restaurant Identified as Source.

As someone who lives in the New York area and drives a car made in 2006 without a Sirius radio, I listen to Hot 97’s morning program called, “Ebro in the Morning”.  This week, I heard them talking about Drake getting a Rihanna tattoo.

I thought immediately that if he did get one, then he has actually had it for a while.

Yes, that’s Odell Beckham Jr. looking like a protective mother (or jealous girlfriend) in the background

It first made news when Drizzy was trying to flex his bicepticles on the gram.  If you look closely at this post made 7 months ago, there’s a photo of a face on his right arm.

Drake-tattoo - 16APR2016

I remember thinking then, that if that was a Rihanna tattoo, the internet would be losing its’ mind but there were just a few stories and then the buzz faded.

That was also around the time that it was rumored that Drake was smashing Serena Williams and Riri was with Travis Scott so keeping the tat on the low made sense, but flashing it on Instagram isn’t’ really keeping it on the low, so I assumed it must be Drake’s mom, or sister or something.

The other thought I had was, “Why in the Hell would Drake put Rihanna on his arm. THAT IS JUST STUPID!”



Contrary to popular belief, Drake really doesn’t own Fring’s in Toronto.  Drake just happens to be good friends and business partners with Angelo Ferraro but they are not partners on the eatery.

There is always confusion because Drake is there a lot and he also named the place.  The name is important in this case as many people thought it came from Drake’s nickname for Rihanna…..mainly because Drake used it……as a nickname for Rihanna.

But according to Drake we are wrong.  During an interview with The New York Times, Fring actually has a meaning.  Drake explained,

“It’s just something you pull from your own emotions, from a happy time.   We’d say, ‘Last night you were so fringed.

To get the real definition of Fring’s, you need to come to the restaurant. Ask a chef, ask a server, and everyone’s definition will be something different.”

However, looking at Drake’s Instagram posts, I don’t’ believe that for a minute.  That’s his nickname for Rihanna.

So why the hell is Fring’s so important in all this?  Let me show you rather then tell you:

Drake-tattoo-2 - 16APR2016

Instagram user @xostaceyJ posted a photo of Rihanna’s picture that hangs in the restaurant.  We also found that actual photo and when placed side by side Drake’s (Read More)