Kelly Ripa Claims She Might Quit ‘Live’ If Producers Can’t Land One Of These Two Huge Names!


As we predicted last week, Kelly Ripa returned to ‘Live‘ and opened the show with this dramatic speech about how important respect in the workplace is, especially if you’ve been with the company for decades. We can certainly get behind that message, but how it was presented on the show was super awkward.

Anyway, it was also announced yesterday that Michael Strahan would be leaving the show next month. His last day will be May 13, which shocked a lot of people because he was scheduled to stay on through August. However, everyone agrees that him leaving sooner is the best move for the show. It gives Kelly and the producers more time to find a new co-host.

This is where things get interesting. Sources claim Kelly might quit the show if they can’t get Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper to join her. And that’s asking a lot, because Cooper has a sweet job working with CNN and he’s busy covering the election right now.

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen is under contract with Bravo for his own show Watch What Happens Live. But even if the contract wasn’t standing in the way, it’s hard to see him leaving his own (extremely successful) show to become Kelly Ripa’s new sidekick.


According to the sources, producers are currently looking at actor Jerry O’Connell. He’s a sweet and funny dude, but he’s not the “big name” Kelly is looking for.

We’ll continue to keep you posted. It looks like Kelly is trying to make things difficult for the network, and we can’t blame her. She deserves a little something special. We love Jerry, but is he really going to get anyone excited to watch the show? Probably not.

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