PUT ON BLAST! NFL Tight End Vernon Davis Fiancée Allegedly Catches Him Cheating and Blasts Him on Social Media

Social media has changed the game in just about everything we do.  It’s no different for cheating.  It’s now become easier to meet and hook up with thots, however this ease comes with  cost.

The cost is a trail of evidence and covering up that trail is no easy task.


Just ask Vernon Davis; pictured here with his longtime fiance and 3 children.

Things seemed to be going pretty well for Davis.

After spending nine years playing for San Francisco he moved to the Broncos for just one year, picked up a Super Bowl ring in January and just recently signed a 1 year deal with the Redskins.

At 32 years old, Davis is considered a little long in the tooth for the NFL so winning a Super bowl and being able to sign on for another year is a pretty big deal.

Work life is good.  What about home life?

It appears that Davis was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Davis’ fiancee, Janel Horne has been by his side for 15 years.  This means that she was there not only before the NFL, not only before college but they probably met in High School.

That’s a lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of memories and more than likely a lot of side chicks.

Although the two were never married, they do have three kids together as she so eloquently stated on Instagram as she exposed not only Davis as a cheater, but the 20 year old that he was said to be cheating with.

“When you give a man your all, 15 years, 3 kids, and sacrifice your life and then he cheats on you with a 20 year old child and lies on you

#yourealiarandcheater #youwantedtobeonighereyougo #imoverit #nothidingbehindyourlies.”

I love the hashtag “you wanted to be on Instagram, here you go”.  Sounds like Janel was sick of him and social media.

While some websites decided to cover up her face; we (read more….tto see the actual post)