Chumlee Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Is Feeling Lucky After Avoiding Jail Time And Landing A Sweet Plea Deal


When you have a little bit of money and the right attorneys looking out for you? Anything is possible. Chumlee (Austin Russell) from Pawn Stars is probably celebrating after getting an amazing plea deal.

As some of you probably remember, the reality star was arrested back in March when cops raided his home in Las Vegas during a sexual assault investigation. During the search of the home, authorities find several illegal items, including weapons, marijuana and methamphetamines.

Everyone assumed he would be getting some serious jail time, considering he was facing felony charges for possession of a firearm and a controlled substance.

But surprisingly, we have now learned that Chumlee will not face any jail time AND the sexual assault charges are going to be dropped. According to TMZ, both police and Chumlee’s attorney have not found enough evidence to move forward with the sexual assault case.

What about the felony charges? Well, Chumlee managed to get a pretty sweet plea deal. He’s getting off with just probation and once he completes his probation, the felony charges will be reduced to misdemeanors. The judge still has to sign off on this deal, but it looks like everyone expects that to happen during his May 23 court date.

Chumlee jumped on his Twitter account recently and announced he would be back to filming soon…


He got lucky this time. I haven’t watched Pawn Stars in a looong time, so I’m not sure if that old dude who just naps constantly in the back is still alive, but if he is, he needs to wake up and keep his boy in check.