We Got Details For The Upcoming ‘High School Musical 4’ — Plus Find Out If Ashley Tisdale Plans To Return!

 the 30-year-old actress explained that she has no plans to make an appearance in the upcoming sequel.

Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just don’t know how you go from there. High School Musical didn’t make us, we made High School Musical because of our friendship, how close we were and the magic there at the time.

Interesting quote there. Sounds like she’s basically repeating the “we don’t want this!” message from most fans. The sad truth is, Disney isn’t making this for the original cast or the original fans. Just like they didn’t make Girl Meets World for the original fans of Boy Meets World.

They are hoping to find a new audience with this movie. We understand what they’re trying to do, it’s just a little depressing that they aren’t more focused on pushing out original content. You have to take some chances.

But instead, they’re sticking to the stuff they know…NO NO NOOOOOO!