Cam Newton Sings Usher’s Classic ‘Nice & Slow’ And It’s Not Pretty…But It Was For A Good Cause! (VIDEO)


Cam Newton is extremely talented at a lot of things, but singing is not one of those things. The NFL superstar reached legendary status last year with his incredible play on the field, and his efforts to help popularize the “dab” dance, which he was obviously successful in doing since even your Grandma is dabbing now.

Yesterday, Newton was on No Limit Larry & The Morning Madhouse to promote his celebrity kickball tournament in North Carolina. Last year, the event was a huge success. Over 3,000 people showed up to watch the celebs battle it out on the field. Those celebrities including Chris Daughtry, Randy Moss, Bo Jackson, Kemba Walker, and many more.

Newton is hoping to have the same success this year to continue his mission: “The mission of the Cam Newton Foundation is to ensure that children’s socioeconomic, educational, physical, and emotional needs are enhanced. ”

And to promote his foundation, Newton agreed to participate in the “Madhouse Sing-A-Long,” and the song they picked for him was Usher’s Nice & Slow.

It’s clear Newton isn’t the best singer in the world, but at least he tried! You can tell he was having fun with it. Check out the clip below! You’ll probably love him even more after watching it.