Kevin Hart And James Corden Slam Each Other In One Of The Greatest Rap Battles Ever (VIDEO)


As a white guy in his 20s who still watches Disney Channel Original Movies, 8 Mile is the only experience I have with rap battles, so please forgive me if you find the title to be hyperbolic.

James Corden appears to have another hit on his hands with his newish segment Drop The Mic. It hasn’t reached Carpool Karaoke status, but it will be there soon if it continues to deliver great battles like the one you see below.

The host of The Late Late Show invited Kevin Hart to a rap battle on Wednesday night, and it’s safe to say things got a little ugly. As you might imagine, Corden joked about Hart’s height and Hart slammed Corden for being a little overweight.

But they didn’t stop at the obvious. The two stars went in deep and we’re pretty sure some tears were shed. Check out the hilarious action…



The only bad thing about this segment is that eventually the celebrity guests are going to run out of things to say about Corden. Pretty soon, they’ll have to make celebs battle each other. Or maybe pull down audience members and let the magic happen.

You can check out Anne Hathaway’s battle with Corden below…