Damn…Taylor Swift Has Already Met Tom Hiddleston’s Mother! Plus More Photos Of Them Walking Along A Beach


You ever wonder who those, “I like to take long walks by the beach” people are? Wonder no more. We found them. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston love taking long walks by the beach. It just might be their favorite thing in the world, next to dancing awkwardly and breaking hearts.

The 26-year-old singer enjoyed a nice walk along the beach in England with Mr. Hiddleston and his mother, Diana. According to reports, the actor’s older sister also met Swift, so it looks like things are getting pretty serious.

An insider with Us Weekly said, “[They are] at that point where they just want the whole world to see how in love they are. Taylor is so happy. She’s living a British romcom dream.”


Wait, this is Taylor Swift’s dream? To find some English dude and walk along the beach with him? How exciting. I mean, if that’s what she wants. It just seems like she’s not utilizing her imagination. Why stop at walking? They could run, crawl, race down the beach in a potato sack.

Apparently, Hiddleston met Swift’s parents when he visited Nashville with her last week. So, that probably means marriage is coming soon. We’re pretty sure that’s how Taylor’s brain works: “He met my parents. I met his. He likes taking long walks. I like taking long walks. He has a hand to hold. I have a hand to hold. THIS MUST BE LOVE!”

We wish them all the best. A romance that will last forever. <3