Hidden Camera Prank: John Cena Shocks His Biggest Fans By Bringing The ‘Unexpected John Cena’ Meme To Life! (VIDEO)


When an internet meme travels to the real world, it can be extremely dangerous. I don’t have any kids, but I have to imagine it’s like watching your kid go off to college. You can’t defend your child anymore. They have to show people why they are great.

So when I heard that the Unexpected John Cena meme was brought to life by John Cena himself, I was a little worried it would fail outside the protected land of the internet. But surprisingly, the meme made a successful transition, and this hilarious hidden camera prank was born.

The professional wrestler/actor/super nice guy teamed up with Cricket Wireless to create the hilarious video. The WWE superfans were brought into what they believed to be an audition for a role as ambassador for a WWE-themed Cricket Wireless store.

But during their auditions, Cena would bust out of the display behind them and as Jim Ross might say, “BAH GAWD, ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE!

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